Saturday, September 26, 2015

A good place for screencaps

George Raft (the man in the gray hat) in a scene from Some Like It Hot (1959)

Today marks the birth anniversary of actor George Raft. I was going to do a birthday post on him, except it already turns out that I did one four years ago. In looking for a good picture of Raft to use on what was going to be today's post, I decided I was going to look for something with Raft from Some Like It Hot, which is how I came across the above picture. It's from a blog called Pyxurz, which basically has a whole bunch of screencaps on various movies, mentioning who is in each screencap, but other than that mostly uncommented upon.

I don't feel bad about hotlinking, since it's Google that's hosting the images, and since the person who put them up doesn't have the copyright on them, anyway.

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