Wednesday, September 30, 2015

TCM Guest Programmer September 2015: Diahann Carroll

Once again, it's time tonight for this month's TCM Guest Programmer. (Obviously, there are no further nights on which they could have schduled the September Guest Programmer.) This month, actress Diahann Carroll has selected four of her favorite films and will be presenting them with TCM host Robert Osborne.

Every now and then, a Guest Programmer will select one of his or her own films; I seem to recall Shirley Jones doing that with Elmer Gantry. (Thelma Schoonmaker selected three films directed by her husband, Michael Powell.) Carroll is another one who is starting off with a movie in which she stars. That movie is Claudine at 8:00, in which she plays a single mother in mid-1970s New York who tries to raise her six children while dealing with the pitfalls of welfare and while falling in love with garbage collector James Earl Jones.

That will be followed at 10:00 PM by Now, Voyager, which I suppose shares something in common with Claudine in that both films involve women trying to navigate uncertain love lives. But I don't know if Diahann Carroll could have a fun breakdown the way Davis does in Now, Voyager.

At 12:15 AM you can catch Gilda, in which Glenn Ford is a gmabler in Buenos Aires who gets hired by casino owner George Macready and finds out his new boss is in love with his old girlfriend (Rita Hayworth). Oh, and the boss has some shady business dealings going on as well.

Finally at 2:15 AM is Glory, about an all-Black unit of soldiers in the US Civil War.

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