Sunday, September 20, 2015

Briefs for Spetember 20-21, 2015

I noticed that IMDb was having some problems this morning. Searching for movies by title was working fine, but when I actually tried to click on any of the titles, I was being delivered a blank page. It didn't matter what browser I was using, either, so I finally went and downloaded the latest version of Firefox, which is a story in and of itself. This time, I was given an error message about IMDb doing some maintenance. Why the searches would yield results but you can't actually go to the pages given in results is beyond me. Is anybody else still having difficulties with IMDb?

Jackie Collins has died two weeks before what would have been her 78th birthday. She did some acting in the early 1960s and if it only came to acting she'd be best remembered as the sister of Joan Collins. But she turned from acting to writing and became an incredibly successful authoress. Two of her novels were turned into movies starring Joan: The Stud and The Bitch. I've never seen either, but the brief synopses make them sound like they'd be fun on TCM Underground. Except that TCM would probably have content issues with them. TCM may not cut the movies they show, but they certainly won't show certain movies for reasons of content. (I seem to recall Fritz the Cat and Zabriskie Point both being pulled from the TCM schedule.)

Hollywood Without Make-Up is airing on TCM early tomorrow morning at 5:00 AM. I'm pretty certain I've never seen this one in its entirety, although I think I might have clicked past it the last time it was on TCM. Home movies of the stars 50 yhears after the fact sounds more interesting than home movies of today's stars. Of course, today's stars would just be posting everything on Twitter or Instagram. Maybe today's stars and what they were doing in private will be more interesting a half century from now.

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