Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I Blame Dennis Hopper

Sometime TCM co-host and granddaughter of actor Melvyn Douglas has apparently written a book, titled I Blame Dennis Hopper. In my Radio New Zealand podcast feed this morning, I came across the following item:

Feature Interview -- Illeana Douglas

When director Martin Scorsese heard actress Illeana Douglas scream, he cast her in his movie "The Last Temptation of Christ". Her unique look landed her roles in movies like "To Die For," and "Picture Perfect" and she had recurring roles on "The Larry Sanders Show" and "Six Feet Under". She and Scorsese were partners for several years , giving her a front row seat to the best and worst in Hollywood. She writes about her love for movies and film making as an actress and a fan in her new book, I Blame Dennis Hopper. Jesse Mulligan talks to Illeana Douglas.

I'm a ways behind in getting to all the podcast feeds I've downloaded -- I think I've got a good 60 hours worth of stuff backed up to listen to! So I haven't listened to this one yet and can't comment on it. I also haven't read the book. Radio New Zealand's page with the interview doesn't contain any more print information than the above quote; no photos or anything like that. But there's a link to listen by streaming audio, as well as an MP3 download. The MP3 file is 28:20 in length and about 10.3 MB.

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