Friday, November 13, 2015

One more chance to watch Make Mine Mink

I first blogged about the movie Make Mine Mink in the early days of this blog, all the way back in February 2008. (My goodness, we're almost on the eighth anniversary of this blog.) The movie aired again on TCM two years ago, and at that time, I mentioned that the DVDs available all seemed to be from Europe, and that what TCM showed on their schedule page linking to the TCM Shop was a DVD that was out of stock.

Well, Make Mine Mink is back on the schedule for overnight tonight at 3:00 AM as part of a night of Bob's Picks. This time, however, viewers seem to be in a little more luck. The schedule page is advertising the same two-movie box set as they did back in 2013. But this time, the TCM Shop lists it as being in stock, and available for purchase for about $15, which isn't that bad for two movies. And two pretty darn good movies at that.

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