Thursday, November 5, 2015

TCM Guest Programmer November 2015: Greg Proops

Once again, we've reached that time of the month when TCM gives us its monthly Guest Programmer. This time it's Greg Proops, a comedian I only remember from those snarky list shows like I Love the 80s where they have a bunch of Z-listers make not-very funny comments about whatever set of items they're listing. It's a lazy style of program making, but in this day and age of 500 TV channels plus all the internet streaming options, there's a big need for programming. Anyhow, Proops is on tonight, presumably with Robert Osborne and not Ben Mankiewicz, to discuss four of his favorite movies and discuss them. Those choices are:

Grand Illusion, Jean Renoir's drama about French POWs in a German World War I camp, at 8:00 PM;
The 1973 version of The Three Musketeers at 10:15 PM;
Out of the Past, in which gas-station owner Robert Mitchum has former associates Kirk Douglas and Jane Greer draw him back into their world, at 12:15 AM; and
Dog Day Afternoon at 2:15 AM, starring Al Pacino as a man who robs a bank to pay for his lover's operation.

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Unknown said...

Ack, I wanted to watch their introduction to The Three Musketeers, but missed it! Trying to find the intro online, but apparently you cannot stream a film that shot 2 for 1!