Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Lída Baarová

I've stated from time to time here that I listen to the international broadcasters that used to be on short-wave radio, generally in the context of when they mention something interesting about the movies. Monday's edition of Radio Prague had a report about a documentary on 1930s Czech actress Lída Baarová:

A documentary is now screening in Czech cinemas on the life of the actress Lída Baarová, sometimes described as the first Czech international movie star. For its tragic twists and roller coaster ride, Baarová's own life story, including a tempestuous love affair with the Nazi propaganda boss Joseph Goebbels, surpassed any of her film roles. The young star ended her life in exile, a controversial, if not despised personality in her homeland.

The text of the report is available at the link above, along with some photos. Apparently she was offered a contract by MGM in 1937, which she probably should have taken since it would have gotten her out of Europe, along the lines of a Rose Stradner. But she didn't, and the rest, as they say, is history. I have to admit to not having heard of her. The only one of her movies I'd recognize by title is Fellini's I vitelloni.

As always, Radio Prague's reports include an option to listen to the report via streaming audio, as well as to download the report directly, as an MP3. That MP3 is about 1.6 MB and about 3:30 in length.

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