Sunday, January 24, 2016

She's so fine she blows my mind

Tonight's Silent Sunday Nights selection on TCM is Mickey, airing tonight at midnight.

Mabel Normand plays the title character, the orphaned daughter of a miner out west. She's been raised by her father's business partner. They're looking to sell the mine to secure a comfortable living for Mickey, and when they meet the mining engineer looking to buy it, he and Mickey develop a liking for each other.

But meanwhile, Mickey and her guardian also have to go back east, where Mickey has an aunt she hasn't seen in years. The aunt is living a life of luxury, but it's a bit of an illusion in that she really doesn't have that much money and is looking to marry her daughter off into a well-to-do family. Mickey shows up with that mine, and naturally, Auntie thinks the money earned from selling the mine would be just the thing to help her daughter's prospects. However, she finds that perhaps the mine is all played out, which would make it worthless, and suddenly starts treating Mickey terribly.

Mickey is a comedy, however, so we all know that things are going to work out right in the end. It's been a while since I've seen it; I know I watched it on TCM when they ran a night of silents for some reason or another. Maybe it was when they had silent stars as Star of the Month; I can't remember. But it's one of those movies where I have a clear memory of the basic plot but not enough of the specifics to do justice to it with a full-length blog post.

Thankfully, however, Mickey, having been released in 1918, is in the public domain, which means that it's available on Youtube legally for free:

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