Saturday, January 23, 2016

MGM Oddities

A lot of the studios produced some odd little shorts back in the day, but MGM actually called one of its series of shorts "MGM Oddities". One of those oddities, Chili and Chills, airs tomorrow at about 8:01 AM, just after Rasputin and the Empress (6:00 AM, 121 min). This one, which I haven't seen, involves a couple driving through Mexico and seeing some odd sights.

In fact, I have to admit to not having seen most of the MGM Oddities. MGM made about two dozen of them in the early and mid 1930s, with subject matter that often seems as though it would be more suited to the Pete Smith shorts. Indeed, Pete Smith was already working at MGM by this time and was involved in some of the MGM Oddities, at least according to IMDb. Menu, for example, comes to mind. That's also one of the few that I've seen.

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