Monday, June 25, 2018

The final night of Leslie Howard

TCM has been running the films of Leslie Howard every Monday night in prime time to honor him as Star of the Month. I mentioned at the beginning of the month that I would love to see TCM run From the Four Corners, a short he made with three real soldiers from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, but that on isn't on the schedule. I'm assuming that they couldn't get the rights to it this time around or something. The movie was produced by the British Ministry of Information instead of any studio. And there's almost an hour between the end of the final movie, Five and Ten (starting at 3:30 AM and running just long enough to keep anything from starting at 5:00 AM) and the start of the "Mad About Musicals" spotlight at 6:00 AM Tuesday.

As for the features, there are airings of two movies that show up infrequently: 49th Parallel kicks off the night at 8:00 PM, and that will be followed at 10:15 PM by The First of the Few, AKA Spitfire.

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