Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Treasures from the Disney Vault, June 2018

My how the time flies. We've reached another quarterly installment in TCM's Treasures from the Disney Vault series, in which TCM runs the crumbs that Disney deigns to let it run. (I have no idea how the on-again, off-again Disney/Fox deal will affect the series.) This quarter's entries air tonight, and look particularly dire to me.

The opening one-reeler A Trip Through the Walt Disney Studios, at 8:00 PM, sounds like it could be interesting, in the way that the 1925 MGM Studio Tour is. But after that it's a bunch of animal stuff that's so low-grade that I've basically never heard of any of the movies. There's a 1980s Benji movie in the 3:00 AM slot, although TCM's on-line schedule claims that there's a short airing first. Now, I've heard of Benji the dog, but I don't remember this movie at all.

Before that we've got a dog, and elder Walter Pidgeon, in Big Red (not the chewing gum, but another movie I'd never heard of) at 1:15 AM and The Legend of Lobo which as far as I know does not have a dog named Boo (or a dog named Beau) at 10:00 PM.

And they call these "treasures"?

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