Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I never met a short I didn't like

TCM is spending tonight looking at movies that have been preserved in part through the help of the Library of Congress. For me, one of the more interesting things will be a series of shorts starring Will Rogers. Rogers made a tour of Europe in 1927, and he was followed around by newsreel photographers from Pathé. The result was a series of about a dozen one-reelers in which we see Rogers in various parts of the continent, making his trademark one-liners. These quips are of course in intertitles, as this was still 1927 and they couldn't lug around all the equipment needed for the primitive sound technology.

TCM is showing four of the shorts at various times in the overnight hours:
Will Rogers Winging Around Europe at 3:15 AM;
Will Rogers Exploring England at 5:00 AM;
Will Rogers Romaning the Emerald Isle at 7:00 AM; and
Will Rogers in Dublin at 8:45 AM.

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