Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Schedule change

Several times, TCM ran a trailer for Lonely Are the Brave, which was scheduled to air at 11:30 PM ET tonight as part of the final week of Kirk Douglas' turn as Star of the Month. However, Encore currently has the broadcast rights to the movie, having shown it over the weekend. So, TCM moved up two of its movies and inserted a repeat. The current schedule is:

Spartacus at 8:00 PM (as was originally planned);
Seven Days in May at 11:30 PM (moved from 1:30 AM);
The Way West at 1:45 AM (moved from 3:45 AM);
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers at 4:00 AM.

Douglas' time as Star of the Month continues into Wednedsay morning, with The Heroes of Telemark, which I blogged about back in June 2008. Since the 2008 post, the movie has gotten a DVD release; or at least, TCM is claiming you can buy it through their website.

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