Friday, September 30, 2011

More Reed Hadley

Earlier this year, TCM started showing serials in the 11:00 AM Saturday time slot. I think they started with Buck Rogers, before going to Ace Drummond and a couple of Zorro serials. The previous Zorro serial is ending at 11:00 AM tomorrow, with a new one called Zorro's Fighting Legion beginning at 11:30. I haven't seen any of the Zorro serials before, and the one thing about this that looks interesting to me is the fact that the part of Zorro is being played by Reed Hadley.

You may not recognize the name, although I've mentioned him a couple of times before. You've probably heard his voice, since he provided the voiceover for many of the Fox docudramas of the middle to late 1940s, from The House on 92nd Street and continuing through Boomerang! and The Iron Curtain. He did some on-screen acting too; I mentioned this when I blogged about The Dark Corner back in May 2010.

I don't think I recognize any of the other names in the cast.

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