Saturday, September 3, 2011

William Holden tonight

Tonight's TCM Essential is Sunset Blvd., airing at 8:00 PN as always. William Holden plays the dope who gets the swimming pool he always wanted. Sunset Blvd. is the starting point for a night of William Holden's movies. I'm not certain whether I've done a full-length post on Sunset Blvd. before, although to be honest, it's the sort of movie most people are probably familiar with, and so isn't quite so deserving of a synopsis post. The movie I'm interested in is one I haven't seen before, Young and Willing, at midnight. The movie stars a young Holden (who would have been about 25 at the time) as one of a bunch of starving actors sharing an apartment in New York in order to cut down on expenses. The only problem is, this is a co-ed group of thespians! I wonder how they got this past the folks administering the Production Code.

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