Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ah yes, Halloween is tomorrow

Tomorrow being Halloween, we get a lot of horror films on TCM. Of course, it's a bunch of stuff from Hammer films; TCM must have signed a long-term contract with whoever owns the rights to the Hammer films because the Hammer films seem to have formed the bulk of the October horror movie lineup for the past few years. So, to be honest, I'm more interested in a couple of shorts airing tomorrow.

The first is a re-airing of Polar Outpost, early tomorrow morning at 5:44 AM. (Of course, TCM considers this part of Wednesday's lineup and not the Halloween lineup, since TCM's daily schedule generally begins at 6:00 AM ET.) I just mentioned Polar Outpost back in September, where I mentioned that it would go well with Decade for Decision, which I think actually showed up a week or so ago and I should have metioned it then. Polar Outpost, which I hadn't seen when I blogged about it, turned out to be interesting for its historical value, but no great shakes in terms of cinematic value.

In among the horror movies is the two-strip Technicolor short The Devil's Cabaret, at approximately 3:20 PM. I have to admit not having seen this one before, but it looks interesting, presenting Hell as a giant pre-Code party. I'm always up for a pre-Code short, even if some of the stuff is pretty dire. The Devil's Cabaret is apparently availabe on Youtube, albeit in two parts, as well as an out-of-print DVD of Cimarron.

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