Monday, October 28, 2013

Another round of briefs

I was going to blog about Intruder in the Dust this morning, since it's airing tomorrow at 9:00 AM on TCM. However, I see that I already blogged about it back in January 2012. It's one of those movies that doesn't show up too often, which is a shame, since it's a good movie. It's also a surprise, consideirng that it's part of the old "Turner Library" of movies from MGM, Warner Bros., and RKO that Ted Turner obtained back in the 1980s and have always been easier for TCM to get the rights to. Tomorrow is the first airing since January 2012, and three of the airings in the past six years have been on Martin Luther King Day because of the movie's race-relation themes.

36 Hours, which I blogged about back in April 2011, is airing today at noon. It's on DVD, but apparently out of print, as it's one of those movies you can find at Amazon but not from the TCM shop. When I started blogging back in 2008 I generally only tended to look if there was a "buy this at Amazon" icon on a movie's IMDb page for evidence of whether the movie was available. In those days, IMDb had almost a grid with separate icons for DVD and VHS, as well as separate columns for Amazon in US and in UK. If I saw a link for a US DVD, I simply presumed the DVD was easy to obtain. Nowadays I like to check the TCM shop too since those out-of-print DVDs may not be the best quality, or may be terribly expensive. On the other hand, if there's no link to buy from Amazon, that's a pretty good indication that there's no DVD available at all, at least for a mainstream film. I think they've got access to all the studios' MOD outputs.

The Blogger search function may have been acting up over the weekend. I was looking for the post I did on It Happened One Night and didn't get any hits, so I had to try a search on Gable and Colbert, which did bring up the post. I also had difficulty finding the post I knew I had done on Written on the Wind. The bad thing is that any problems Blogger seems to have with the searching isn't systematic, so it's one of those things where I find myself wondering whether that really happened. Kind of like what Charles Boyer was doing to Ingrid Bergman in Gaslight, or with a whole bunch of other movies in that subgenre.

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