Friday, October 11, 2013

Another chance to catch Dead of Night

This being October, TCM's Friday Night Spotlight is horror movies, which are a staple of the TCM schedule every October in honor of Halloween at the end of the month. One of tonight's movies is Dead of Night, the 1945 horror anthology classic; it's airing at 11:00 PM. If you haven't seen it before, it's more than well worth watching.

If you have seen it before, this is still going to be one of your only chances to catch the movie. I was mildly surprised to see on the TCM schedule that the movie doesn't seem to be available to purchase from the TCM Shop. I looked at the post I did two years ago when it got another October airing, and see that I didn't say anything about the movie being on DVD. So off to IMDb, which has a "Buy at Amazon" link that's not particularly accurate, especially on a movie like Dead of Night which has only common words in the title.

Amazon's search produced several hits on things like Night of the Living Dead, and other things with "dead" and/or "night" in the title. but there was one DVD release. It's obviously out of print, since the cheapest you can do is a used copy for $37.50, shockingly expensive compared even to the Warner Archive selections. This particular DVD is has Dead of Night on a double bill with The Queen of Spades. That's a movie I haven't seen, although I know the story, since I had to read it back when I was in college studying Russian, what with it being based on a short story by Aleksandr Pushkin. That's another movie I'd be curious to watch if it showed up on the TCM lineup.

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