Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another set of briefs

TCM is honoring Peter Lawford today, even though he was born in September. Among the Lawford films being shown is Good News (8:15 AM), which you'll probably miss since most of you will be reading this after the movie airs. But it's on DVD for those of you who might like to see it. I have to admit that it's a movie I'm not particularly fond of. First, Lawford isn't my favorite actor; second, I think he's badly miscast in this musical as a college football player; and third, it's a remake of a 1920s stage show. The musical was first turned into a movie back in 1930, which I might be interested in seeing just once, although it would probably be a bit of a slog to see since musicals before 42nd Street tend to be very stage-bound. Interestingly, my box guide was acting up again last night. Instead of Good News, it was sugesting that TCM would be showing The Good News, a 2008 Spanish movie about a Catholic priest having to deal with the Spanish Civil War. It sounds more interesting than the Peter Lawford film.

The last of the Lawford films is It Should Happen to You at 6:30 PM, which is one of the very first movies I blogged about back in February 2008. It's gotten a DVD release, but it's presumably out of print, since it's not available from the TCM shop. I enjoy this movie, although it's not for Lawford, but for Jack Lemmon and especially Judy Holliday.

What's left of the Fox Movie Channel has one more airing of Prince Valiant, tomorrow morning at 9:00 AM. This one is available on DVD from the TCM shop, at a bargain price.

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