Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another pair of non-birthday salutes

I've mentioned in the past that TCM tends to have birthday salutes run in the morning and afternoons of weekdays, with other people getting a prime time salute for one evening. But, not every daytime salute is a birthday salute. TCM is actually running non-birthday salutes for the next two days.

Tomorrow, October 21, is given over to a day of Deborah Kerr films, even though she was actually born in September. TCM is showing seven of her movies (not including From Here to Eternity), and I've blogged about two of them in the past:

Quo Vadis, which isn't quite my favorite, airs at 7:30 AM.
Heaven Knows Mr. Allison, in which Kerr plays a nun on a Pacific island behind enemy lines in World War II who meets Marine Robert Mitchum, is on at 12:45 PM; and
I thought I'd blogged about Eye of the Devil (on at 6:15 PM) before, but a search of the blog claims that I've only blogged about the short that came out in conjunction with the film, All Eyes on Sharon Tate.
All three of the features I've mentioned are on DVD.

Tuesday will see a day of Margaret Lockwood films, including The Lady Vanishes to conclude the day, but there's more on her tomorrow since I'm planning to blog about another of the films tomorrow.

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