Sunday, June 29, 2014

A report on the Shanghai International Film Festival

Sadly, there's nobody out there who would pay to to go on junkets to film festivals around the world. Not that I particularly want to go to most festivals of current movies, although getting to go to exotic or elegant (eg. Cannes) locales on somebody else's dime might be nice for a whlle. Instead, I have to make do with reports on the film festivals from the various international broadcasters.

China Radio International recently devoted one of its half-hour feature programs, In the Spotlight, to the recently concluded Shanghai International Film Festival, with topics devoted to converting old movies to being suitable for the new 4K exhibition format; collaboration between China and the US in making movies, and Chinese collaboration with Australia.

The second of the links above is to a transcript of the "In the Spotlight" episode, although there's also a download link on the page as well as a plugin for streaming audio if you prefer that. The download is about 8.3 MB and 24 minutes long.

If you're interested in other parts of Chinese culture, CRI's News Plus section has links to both their current affairs and cultural programs, with many of them available for download.

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