Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FXM Retro

So I was watching Kangaroo over lunch today. I noticed that the folks at FXM finally got rid of the Fox Movie Channel graphics pacage, replacing it -- and the FMC branding -- with "FXM Retro". I would presume that the change happened on June 1 since the first of the month is a common time to make changes like this, and I just hadn't noticed it yet because I don't watch very many movies on FXM what with all the repeats. I think the last movie I watched on the channel was A Flea in Her Ear, which would have been at the end of May.

At any rate, I think this marks the final end of the Fox Movie Channel. When the first format change happened back on January 1, 2012, I guessed that it probbaly be six months until FCM was gone completely, and any idea of FXM as a movie channel would likely be gone, too. I'm still quite surprised that it hasn't happened yet. Surprised that it took almost two and a half years before the Fox Movie Channel was rebranded out of existence, and surprised that the afternoon/evening part of the day seems to be movies, if edited for content and broken up with commercials. Also mildly surprising is that at least Kangaroo on FXM Retro didn't have any commercials. So it seems that the mornings are still going to have some old movies and no commercial breaks during the movies.

At least, it will stay that way for a little while longer.

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