Sunday, November 2, 2014

And so we've reached the end

Well, not the end of this blog, and not really the end of anything in particular. It's just that TCM is showing The Fall Guy, the last of the Pete Smith shorts, this evening at about 11:40 PM, or just following Pete Kelly's Blues. This short looks at the work of Dave O'Brien, who plays the main character in a lot of the later Pete Smith shorts. He had a lot of stunts to do, considering that a goodly portion of the Pete Smith shorts dealt with things going wrong for ordinary people, or at least this one ordinary guy. So this short celebrates that.

Although it's the last of the Pete Smith shorts to be produced, what with a lot of the stuff that previously would have been done in shorts by this time now being done on television, it's not going to be the last Pete Smith short to show up on TCM, which for those of you who like his style should be welcome news. I've always admitted to not being that big a fan of the Pete Smith style of snarky comments. It doesn't help that the humor doesn't come across as very funny, either.

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