Saturday, November 22, 2014

Shorts report for November 22, 2014

A couple of shorts coming up on TCM in the next day or soe look like they're worth seeing. This time, I have to admit to not having seen either of the shorts I'm going to be mentioning, so I can't honestly say how good they really are or aren't.

First, at about 7:50 PM tonight, or following Five Million Years to Earth (6:00 PM, 98 min), is Tennis Technique. I've mentioned once or twice before that Bobby Jones did a series of golf shorts in the early 1930s called How to Break 90. This time, of course, the subject is tennis, and the instructor is Bill Tilden, who was one of the big names in tennis back in the early 1930s.

Overnight at 1:30 AM, after The Prizefighter and the Lady (11:45 PM, 102 min), is the Vitaphone two reeler Seasoned Greetings. The plot has to do with a greeting card store owner who decides to try to stay in business by creating a line of talking greeting cards. Cue the various Vitaphone musical acts. What makes this one look like it's worth a watch is who's listed in the cast at IMDb. The greeting card store owner is played by Charlie Chaplin's second wife Lita; her hasband is played by Robert Cummings in one of his first roles; and that blck boy as a customer -- IMDB says it's a 7-year-old Sammy Davis Jr!

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