Sunday, November 16, 2014

I missed Norman Lloyd's 100th birthday

I knew that actor Norman Lloyd turned 100 this month, but for some reason, I thought the big day was coming up toward the end of the month, or more specifically this coming week. It was only with the birthday post for Nova Pilbeam yesterday that I finally got around to checking which day would be the exact anniversary for Lloyd. Imagine my surprise and a bit of disappointment when I realized I had missed Lloyd's centenary by a full week. On the bright side, at least Lloyd didn't die in the meantime.

I've mentinoed Saboteur several times, and unsurprisingly decided to use a picture of that for this post. (Actually, it's a picture that I recycled from the post for Lloyd's 98th birthday back in 2012.) So instead I'll re-link to my post on He Ran All the Way. Lloyd only has a small part in the movie, as one of John Garfield's partners in crime at the beginning of the movie, but the rest of the movie is well worth watching for the performances of Garfield and Shelley Winters. Lloyd also has a smallish part in Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound as one of the patients.

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