Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Ida" exhibition in Łódź

One of my RSS feeds from Polish Radio contained the following item at the end of last week:

"Ida" exhibition in Łódź

The Museum of Cinematography in Łódz has staged an exhibition documenting the production process of the film and its worldwide popularity.

I haven't seen the film Ida, but it's up for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language film at this year's Academy Awards. The page at Polish Radio seems to give away a bit more of the story than the IMDb page, but I'm just guessing since as I've said I haven't seen the movie. If the link to the Polish Radio page doesn't work, which might be a bit of a problem because it's got some odd characters in it, you can download the audio of the interview here; it runs about 3:30 and 3.1 MB. The Polish Radio page is not a transcript of the interview.

The Łódź Museum of Cinematography has a brief bit about the museum in English here, but it seems as though the real information about the site is only available in Polish. If my reading of the site is correct, then I think the "Ida" exhibition is on until May 31. (I studied Russian, so I can generally make a bit of sense of headlines and other things in other Slavic langauges. But Polish orthography is quite different from the orthography of the other Slavic langauges that use the Latin alphabet, and Polish is one of those languages that doesn't use the Latin names of the months.)

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