Saturday, February 21, 2015

Repeats for February 22, 2015

It's been ages since I've mentioned One Million BC, or at least, the 1940 version with Carole Landis. It's coming up tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM on TCM. There's not much of a plot, and what I wrote about it six years ago in that brief one-paragraph summary still holds. Prehistoric Boy meets Prehistoric Girl; the two fall in love even though they're from rival tribes. And then they have to deal with Prehistoric Animals of the sort that weren't roaming the earth at the same time as hominids. There's no historical accuracy here, but it's entertaining enough.

Over on FXM Retro, we get another airing of The Iron Curtain, tomorrow at noon. This one is the reasonably true story of Igor Gouzenko, a Soviet cipher officer at the USSR embassy in Ottawa, Canada, who starts to become disillusioned about his home country when he gets to know some Canadians. And then the Soviets are going to return him and his family home from his posting, and that's when Igor really begins to think about defecting.

The interesting thing about the post I linked to for The Iron Curtain is that I mentioned five years ago that it would be followed on the Fox Movie Channel schedule by Pickup on South Street. That's also the case on tomorrow's FXM Retro schedule. Pickup on South Street, which is a really good movie if you haven't seen it before, will be airing at 1:30 PM tomorrow.

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