Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Baby Peggy and the other surviving silent stars

I came across an interesting article posted over the weeked at the UK newspaper The Guardian, looking at those few surviving people who worked in silent films. My first thought was Baby Peggy, and she of course is the bulk of the article. But there are a handful of other people who appeared in silents as a child and never reached the fame that Baby Peggy did, so their lives weren't warped when they were no longer wanted as child stars.

Baby Peggy, whose real name is Diana Serra Carey, is now 96 and not in the best of health, which shouldn't be surprising for a 96 year old, even if it is a bit of a shame. Heck, it was a shame when Luise Rainer died at the end of last year even though she was 104. The stuff on Carey isn't new if you saw the Baby Peggy documentary that's aired on TCM a couple of times, but the stuff on the other child stars was new to me. There are also a bunch of nice photos of these stars as they were back in the day.

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