Monday, May 11, 2015

Films on the Box

So I posted to my blog this morning and noticed that Colin over at Riding the High Country had a new post up, on the movie Forty Guns. Only, it was a repost of a review from another site called Films on the Box. The review was interesting and well worth a read.

And then I noticed that I don't have Films on the Box in my blogroll. I'll add a blog to my blogroll if it's a) interesting, and b) being updated regularly. Since both seem to be the case for Films on the Box, it's on the blogroll now.

The site seems to be British, looking at movies that are coming up on the various British movie channels. Not that I can get any of those channels, of course, but then it's still possible to get a good review even of a movie you won't be able to watch on TV. Besides, I always post about movies that are coming up on American channels, and I'd assume that anybody outside of of the States (or maybe Canada for most of TCM's selections) isn't going to care about what time the movie is scheduled for. It's no big deal for most of the features, but I suppose I post about shorts from time to time that those of you outside North America have a difficult time obtaining.

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