Monday, May 11, 2015

Elizabeth Wilson, 1921-2015

The New York Times is reporting the death over the weekend of actress Elizabeth Wilson, at her home in Connecticut. Wilson was 94.

Wilson's is one of those names that I didn't recognize when I saw it on Wikipedia's notable deaths page, but deaths of performing artists usually include one or two of their prominent works. Wilson's includes The Birds and The Graduate, which made me think that perhaps I should have recognized her. It turns out that Wilson was a character actress who had a long career in film, going back to Picnic in the 1950s. She also did a fair amount of stage work, which of course I wouldn't recognize. Wilson, however, was recognized for that work with a Tony Award.

But then ereh was one role that I did recognize: Elizabeth Wilson. Wilson played the mother of the dysfunctional family who more or less take in Elliot Gould, while at the same time dealing in her own way with the loss of her eldest son. I think I've still seen Little Murders show up infrequently in the box guide listings for FXM Retro, so it may not have been removed from the rotation yet.

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Tom said...

I never heard of her.