Saturday, May 2, 2015

Tonight on TCM Underground

I'm not quite certain what TCM really means by "Underground", although it seems a bit of a catchall for movies that have a bit of a cult status but which aren't very well-known. They've come in all sorts of genres, from horror to blaxploitation, to... musicals?

Well, one of tonight's movies is a musical. TCM is running ABBA: The Movie at 3:45 AM. I blogged about it back in July 2008, and I think this is the first airing since New Year's Eve 2004/5. The movie looks at the Swedish supergroup's tour of Australia in early 1977, and is a lot of fun, especially if you like ABBA's music. To think that the first of the members will be turning 70 at the end of the year.

The night's other movie is Roller Boogie, which I haven't seen before, so can't really comment about. Ah, the days of the roller disco, something for which I was too young, as I would have been a wee lad when this came out. Stars Linda Blair, several years after The Exorcist, and naturally deals with the roller skating craze of the late 1970s. Now if only TCM could get the rights to run Xanadu.

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