Sunday, May 24, 2015

New app to promote film tourism in Czech Republic

For those of you who are going to be going to Prague in the near future, this report from Radio Prague's English service may be of interest:

In roughly a fortnight the state agency CzechTourism is launching a new app in for both Czechs and visitors from abroad planning vacations. Entitled, Czech Film Trips, the app will highlight hundreds of locations and feature photos and clips where numerous famous productions were filmed. I spoke to the project manager Jiří Dužár about the product which should be a big success.

For whatever reason, this particular link doesn't have a transcript of the program, unlike most of Radio Prague's output. There's a plug-in for streaming audio, as well as a direct link to download the program. The direct link is 4.1 MB, which should be a little under nine minutes. (I downloaded the entire Saturday program rather than the individual features.)

If I understood the report correctly, the app hasn't actually been released yet; that's going to be in a couple of weeks.

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