Monday, June 22, 2015

Adding a Blog

Has anybody else been having troubles adding a blog to their blogroll? I was going to add one today, and the "Add to List", and the JavaScript just wouldn't bring up any dialog to insert the URL of the blog. It looks as though what happened is that the "sort" dialog box gets greyed out, replaced by nothing. I tried multiple browsers, and none of them worked.

No, the answer is not to use Chrome. I know Google runs Blogger and runs Chrome, and so always tries to do everything they can to force people to use Chrome, but it doesn't work on my old system. Indeed, the Chrome rendering engine (Komodo Dragon) that I have on my computer won't show the bar at the top of the page to sign in to Blogger. And I shouldn't have to switch browsers simply to add a blog to my blogroll, since it was still working a few months ago the last time I added a blog to the blogroll.

And Google Groups has become so bloated that it won't load properly on any of my browsers, either, so I can't ask there for help.

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Tom said...

No, I have not noticed that problem.