Monday, June 1, 2015

New month, new films return to FXM

One of the things I've commented on several times over the seven years I've been blogging is that FXM Retro, and the Fox Movie Channel before that, seems to have a programming philosophy of taking movies out of the vault, running them incessently for some months, and then putting them back in the vault. Well, we're in a new month, which means that we're likely to get a couple of movies showing up on FXM Retro after a long absence.

Indeed, one of them shows up tomorrow: Tales of Manhattan. I can't believe that it's been seven years since I blogged about it, which makes me wonder just how long it's been since the movie last appeared on the old Fox Movie Channel. It's showing up twice this week, tomorrow morning at 9:50 AM, with a repeat Wednesday at 3:30 AM.

If you haven't seen Tales of Manhattan before, it's one I can highly recommend. Even though it runs just over two hours, the anthology nature of the movie makes it seem shorter than that.

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