Saturday, June 27, 2015

TCM Shorts report: June 28, 2015

TCM has a couple of interesting shorts coming up in the next day or so. First, today being Saturday, the overnight lineup has TCM Underground, which often has shorts with cult value. I have to admit, however, to not having seen any of this week's shorts before. A Day in the Death of Donny B., however, is available on Youtube:

For more conventional shorts, you'll have to wait until a more sane hour on Sunday morning. First up, at 7:51 AM, is Stars on Horseback. Hollywood stars liked their horses, especially those who did a lot of westerns. James Stewart, for example, worked with his beloved Pie for nearly 20 years. Of course, horses needed to be shoed, and this short looks at shoeing horses. It's just too bad this one couldn't be in color.

Then, at 9:36 AM, is So You Think You're Allergic. If you've seen enough shorts on TCM, you can probably figure out from the title that this is one of the Joe McDoakes shorts. This is an earlier Joe McDoakes short, from the days when the shorts still had narrators. Knox Manning, who was one of the voices of Warner Bros, showing up in well over 100 movies over a 15 year period, handles the narration. Barbara Billingsley, in the days before she was the prototypical 1950s mother or before she spok jive, shows up.

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