Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tomorrow is a new month

We're already at the end of June, which I suppose is a good time to take another look at FXM. Back at the end of 2011, when they went from being solely the Fox Movie Channel to being half FMC during the morning and FXM during the evening, I figured that would last for six months; instead, it's gone on for three and a half years. There are always signs that make me worry they're finally going to get rid of what has since become FXM Retro; that includes two fairly recent movies on today's FXM Retro lineup. On the other hand, I looked through the schedule for the rest of the week over this past weekend, and there are a bunch of movies that are clearly retro and I know can only fit in the given time slots if there's no commercials. (I've also got an FXM movie that's going to be the subject of an upcoming blog post.)

The other thing is that I noticed at the beginning of June that FXM Retro seemed to change one of its interstitials. There's one that includes snippets of Montgomery Clift talking to Lee Remick in Wild River as well as marilyn Monroe dancing in Let's Make Love, but there's a second one that seems to have a different set of movies now than it did back in May. I'd guess it's a function of which movies FXM pulled out of the vaults to run into the ground. And on that score, I have to admit I didn't notice in the first couple of days of July any movies that have just come out of the vault this month.

So whither FXM Retro? Who knows? I have a feeling it will just disappear one day, and you'll only notice because there are no old movies and the FXM Retro logo is gone. But I have no idea when that day is going to come.

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