Monday, August 17, 2015

James A. Fitzpatrick visits Michigan

Tonight's short of note is Playlands of Michigan, at 7:50 PM on TCM. As you can guess, this short (from 1949) sees Traveltalks presenter James A. Fitzpatrick visiting Michigan, specifically some of the placs in the southern part of the state that Michganders apparently liked to visit in their free time. It's one of three shorts Fitzpatrick made out of his visit to the state that year. For some reason I thought I had blogged about it before, but a search of the blog claims I haven't. Instead, it showed that I did a full-length post about Anatomy of a Murder twice; obviously I don't keep as good track of which movies I've blogged about as I'd like to think.

Playlands of Michigan doesn't seem to be available on Youtube; a search instead features all sorts of user videos from their own experiences at amusement parks. Besides, I personally find his visit to Mackinac Island several years earlier more interesting, and that one is on Youtube:

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