Monday, August 31, 2015

Wes Craven, 1939-2015

Renowned horror film writer-director Wes Craven died yesterday at the age of 76. Craven's career started in the early 1970s and more or less continued to the end of his life. However, it really wasn't until the 1980s when Craven hit it big with his writing and directing A Nightmare on Elm Street, which introduced the character of Freddy Krueger. In the original movie, he had been a convicted child killer and killed vigilante style by neighborhood parents, leading Krueger to vow that he'd get back at the parents by killing their children in the children's dreams. The movie spawned five sequels (not all having Craven's involvement), TV series, and a whole bunch of parodies.

In the 1990s, Craven would go on to direct Scream, which was also a big box office success and led to a bunch of sequels, all directed by Craven.

Somehow, I don't expect TCM to have a programming tribute for Craven, unless they do it in Underground. I think they've shown The Last House on the Left before.

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Wendell Ottley said...

I don't expect TCM to do anything big, but I hope they do something. He's contributed more than enough to warrant it.