Monday, August 3, 2015

Poor Little Rich Girl (1917)

I was looking at the movies in Adolphe Menjou's day in Summer Under the Stars today, and realized that the ones I was thinking of blogging about, I already had. Either that, or as with A Woman of Paris, it's been long enough since I last saw it that I'd want to see it again before doing a full-length post on the movie.

So instead, I'll embed the Mary Pickford version of Poor Little Rich Girl:

It's from 1917, so it's in the public domain. I think this last showed up on TCM last November when TCM made silent stars the "Star" of the Month. The movie was remade rather loosely in the 1930s with Shirley Temple in the title role. At least Temple was age appropriate. However, the Temple movie rather opens up the action while much of the Pickford movie is set in her house or on the grounds. It also has a rather darker turn and an extended dream sequence.

It's an interesting movie, but when it comes to Pickford, I'd still recommend Sparrows first.

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