Sunday, August 9, 2015

They're not calling themselves Essentials Jr., are they?

Over the years, I wrote several posts commenting on the interesting selections of "family" films for the old summer franchise Essentials Jr. on TCM. The new franchise, Movie Camp isn't directly trying to say that what they're showing are family films, but they are saying that these are films that can kindle a lifelong love of films, with a bit of an implication that some of these films were seen as children.

Which, I suppose, makes it interesting that toniht's selection is Strangers on a Train, at 8:00 PM. Oh, it's certainly a film I would put in the regular Essentials category, and I think it has in fact been on the regular Essentials one season or another. But the portraya of Bruno Kirby by Robert Walker is certainly one I'd have some reservations about showing the kiddies. And I'm not exactly a prude when it comes to such things.

Still, Strangers on a Train is always worth a watch, and if for some reason you haven't seen it before, it's one I can highly recommend.

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