Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Briefs for October 13-14, 2015

TCM continues its Trailblazing Women series tonight with a look a women directors from the 1980s. I'm not certain if Look Who's Talking (10:00 PM) should be considered a classic, although it's certainly possible for movies under 30 years old to have reached classic status already. It's not just a studio-era thing. After all, I've recommended Mrs. Soffel (1:30 AM) before.

Tomorrow is the birth anniversary of Lillian Gish, who would have turned 122 if she were still alive. Unsurprisingly, TCM is spending the day with a number of her silent movies, as they have done in the past. Indeed, it was exactly two years ago that I blogged about Broken Blossoms (11:15 AM), which is well worth watching if you haven't seen it before. You could also watch The Scarlet Letter (1:15 PM), which isn't bad if a bit melodramatic.

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