Saturday, October 3, 2015

Moguls and Movie Stars redux

For those who missed it back in 2010, TCM is going to be rerunning the Moguls and Movie Stars series this month. There are going to be two episodes each Sunday at 10:00 AM, starting tomorrow and running through the 25th, which only has one episode since the miniseries only had seven episodes. My impression back when it premiered was that for anybody who didn't know much about the movies, it was a good introduction, but on a channel like TCM where a lot of the viewers are extremely avid movie buffs, it's mostly the sort of thing we know already. I'd say this is especially the case with the folks over at the TCM discussion boards.

The first episode in the series looks at the dawn of film, even more so than the recent first night of the Trailblazing Women spotlight did on Thursday night. If you didn't get to record any of the Alice Guy shorts that ran on Thursday night, here's Guy's La Fée aux Choux, or The Cabbage Fairy, all one minute of it:

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