Friday, October 30, 2015

For those with FXM

FXM Retro isn't doing the Halloween thing. Fox certainly produced some horror movies over the years, and FXM, or its predecessor the Fox Movie Channel, have shown some of them. It's been quite a while, however, since I've seen something like The Undying Monster. On the other hand, The Alligator People has aired more recently, but not for a year or so I think.

Instead, FXM Retro is running a couple of movies that I haven't mentioned in ages. First, at 6:00 AM, is Three Came Home, which I think I last mentioned in August 2014. Claudette Colbert plays an American writer married to a British man (Patric Knowles) living in Malaya when the Japanese come in and take over the place, putting all the westerners in prison camps.

That will be followed at 7:50 AM by The Keys of the Kingdom, which stars Gregory Peck as a Catholic priest who spends pretty much his entire adult life working as a missionary in China, and dealing with the hardships inherent to such a mission as well as the relative lack of support from his diocese.

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