Sunday, February 26, 2017

She Likes Movies

Now that I'm participating regularly in the Thursday Movie Picks blogathon, I'm finding blogs of other people who are also participating in the blogathon. Some of them are interesting enough to ad to the blogroll. This week, that blog is She Likes Movies. A blog post about Icelandic movies? Interesting.

As always, the way to wind up on my blogpost is to write a blog that's both interesting, and updated relatively regularly.

I intend to have another post up today, but the mext movie I was looking to watch off my DVR is in fact out of print on DVD so that post went right out the window. And then the next one I looked up is out of print, too. That and my weekday work schedule means I don't stay up too awfully late on weekends. I think I'll finally watch one of my DVDs, I've probably got about 20 movies I haven't watched. Heck, some of them I haven't even unwrapped.

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