Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The ductwork is acting up

So there was the awful metallic sound at work on and off today. Last week the air conditioning ducts started to leak and now we've got a bunch of ceiling tiles down with a clear look into the stuff above the ceiling. It's not a pretty sight -- I keep wondering when the building is finally going to collapse in on itself. (Work makes me think of 9 to 5 and Jumping Jack Flash a lot.)

But since my job requires me not to use my brain, I started trying to think of scenes in old movies that had characters trying to crawl through those big ducts surreptitiously. I could swear there are some comedic scenes that involve the people trying to be surreptitious actually making a lot of noise, but nothing comes to mind offhand.

There's a scene in Make Mine Mink in which the characters reference going through the ducts to get to the opposite side of a locked door, and the punchline is that they use the fattest of the fur thieves to do it.

For something more serious, I seem to recall Sean Connery as James Bond in Doctor No tring to get into the ductwork to get out of his cell. And then there are people who go through various maintenance spaces, as in The Andromeda Strain.

I think the ductwork is also shown in the otherwise lousy Outbreak to show the germs spreading throughout a movie theater.

One other thing is that the noises reminded me of those old "haunted" houses in movies which are, of course, not really haunted. I found myself thinking of the organ in Murder, He Says.

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