Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The latest pair of movies back on FXM Retro

In looking through the various schedules, there's some things I wouldn't mind writing briefly about, and a lot of movies I've done full-length posts on before. So I notice again that there are more movies that haven't been on FXM Retro in some time that are back on.

Two of them are back-to-back tomorrow morning. First up, at 8:45 AM, is Apartment for Peggy. Jeanne Crain plays Peggy, wife to William Holden, who is trying to get his college degree on the GI Bill. Thanks to the housing shortage, they need a good place to stay, and professor Edmund Gwenn has a big house much of which he's not using. So Crain finagles her way into Gwenn's attic. Much charm ensues.

That's followed at 10:25 AM by Love Nest. June Haver plays a wife whose husband has been serving overseas in the military and, needing to make an extra buck, invested in an apartment building. She and her husband (William Lundigan) can live in the basement apartment, while making some extra income off of the tenants. Of course, the buiding turns out to be a fixer-upper, and hubby isn't quite happy with the surprise sprung on him. There's a nice set of character actors playin the tenants, and Marilyn Monroe in a smaller role that's been played up in DVD releases because of what Monroe became.

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