Saturday, April 8, 2017

Briefs for April 8, 2017

I forgot that this weekend sees this year's TCM Film Festival. I didn't notice until after The Bad and The Beautiful (or maybe it was just before the Friday Night Spotlight), and noticed today's "update" from the Festival, which is being held in memory of the late Robert Osborne. The brief shot of Sidney Poitier they showed from the 50th anniversary screening of In the Heat of the Night showed he looked good for a man of 90. Norman Jewison was there, too, I believe, and he's even older.

As for the Friday Night Spotlight, it was hosted by Michael Phillips, film critic for the Chicago Tribune. Why the TCM site didn't seem to mention this is beyond me. He did a good enough job introducing Love Letters at 8:00 PM, and I didn't watch any later movies or record them. I'm out of room on my DVR right now.

I probably should have mentioned Don Rickles, who died earlier in the week aged 90. Here's a clip of him from Kelly's Heroes:

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