Tuesday, April 4, 2017

What a character!

Back in the day, TCM used to run pieces to fill the time between movies called "What a Character!" These were five- or six-minute pieces, each on a different character actor. I haven't seen any of them in quite some time, but then, I haven't been watching TCM as religiously as I used to. At any rate, I bring them up because this month, instead of having a traditional Star of the Month, TCM is having a month of character actors.

Every Tuesday and Thursday this month, TCM is going to bring up a bunch of character actors, with each one getting one movie. So, there are going to be 32 of them in all, starting at 8:00 PM tonight with Guy Kibbee who gets a mention in Gold Diggers of 1933. Character actors are going to be spotlighted on each of the four Tuesdays this month, and actresses on Thursdays; four a night.

In addition to Kibbee tonight, there's Edward Everett Horton in Holiday at 10:00 PM; Walter Connolly in Fifth Avenue Girl at midnight; and Franklin Pangborn in Turnabout at 1:45 AM.

As far as I know there aren't any special pieces being made like the old "What a Character!" bits, or even what were done for traditional Stars of the Month back in the day.

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