Sunday, April 30, 2017

Where Have I Seen This Before?

So I watched The Ear this morning, a Czechoslovak movie about a couple being spied upon that reminded me at times of The Confession. Unfortunately, the movie only seems to be available on DVD in Europe, and I'm not certain if that DVD is even in print. So I can't do a full-length post on it, which is a shame since it's an interesting movie.

Anyhow, tomorrow is the first day of a new month which means some movies back on FXM Retro after an absence. Tomorrow at 7:15 AM, FXM Retro is running Tall, Dark, and Handsome. Cesar Romero plays a 1920s Chicago gangster who meets a pretty lady (Virginia Gilmore) in the park and decides he wants her close to him. However, that would mean hiring her as a governess... and he doesn't have any children. So he hires a boy to play the part of his son, and that boy, well, is a holy terror. And there are the other competing gangsters.

If this sounds familiar, it probably should. Tall, Dark, and Handsome was released in 1941. Nine years later, Fox decided it would remake the property, and I've blogged about that movie, Love that Brute before. I really enjoy Love that Brute, although that may be in part because I'm a Paul Douglas fan. I can't recall whether I've actually seen Tall, Dark, and Handsome before.

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