Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Briefs and schedule notes, March 28-29, 2018

I notice that French actress Stéphane Audran died yesterday aged 85. She was briefly married to Jean-Louis Trintignant, star of French films from ... And God Created Woman through to the Emmanuelle Riva Amour; later she was married longer to French director Claude Chabrol. Audran's most famous roles would probably be in The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, a movie I really disliked, and as Babette in Babette's Feast, a movie I quite liked.

Tonight's TCM lineup is World War II biopics. One that I recommended years ago is Carve Her Name With Pride, which will be on overnight tonight, or very early tomorrow morning, at 3:30 AM. I believe the DVD that I mentioned in that post nearly 10 years ago is now out of print, which is a bit of a shame since this is also a very good movie.

Tomorrow is the start of the baseball season, not that I particularly care. But TCM will be running a bunch of baseball-themed movies tomorrow. There are several shorts included, such as Home Run on the Keys at about 11:45 AM. This is a musical starring Babe Ruth and a bunch of musicians whose names would probably have been moderately well known by moviegoers of the 30s, although I don't recognize any of them at first glance. (It wouldn't have surprise me if I'd seen the DeMarco Sisters before and just didn't recognize them, but a look at their credits says no, I haven't seen them.) Babe Ruth apparently tries his hand at a number, and the reviewers say the result is horrendous. Sounds interesting.

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